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Single Branding Session

Quickly and easily make a custom library of authentic professional images to create or update your brand.

This single-session branding package allows you to do precisely what the name implies, jumpstart your library of photographs. With focused planning and thoughtful preparation, we create a collection of images that represents you and your business.


First, we take an inventory of the photos you want and need. We identify what you have and what we need to create. Next, we assess your marketing strategy so I know how you use photos for advertising and branding yourself. If needed, I can offer new insights to consider about how to get more out of your current strategy.


No need to worry about locations, lighting, makeup, hair, or clothing. I have you covered from years of experience, plus I know other professionals to call as needed, so you will feel calm and confident and able to look and feel your best.


In just one shooting day, you'll have 100-125 images arranged in an organized gallery that you can repeatedly use until you are ready for more.

This is also the first session for the recurring Visual Partnership package, where you get ongoing support to keep your website and social media channels current and easy to use.

I also offer video, reel creation, and other content creation services, as needed. You can add to your brand with a la carte items found here.

​What is included

  • 2 hours shooting time

  • all of the usable images

  • (typically 100-125 images to download)

  • retouching included up to 20 images, as needed

  • 1-2 Zoom or phone call planning sessions as needed

  • Personalized & organized web gallery with 6 months' free access 

Best for

Launching a website

Brand refresh

Renew website

Social media refresh

Intro to my Visual Partnership

Online Courses

How to get started

  1. Click the link below.

  2. Share your contact info.

  3. You'll get an immediate email.

  4. We connect via phone call or zoom meeting.

  5. Set up the planning meeting

  6. Schedule your shoot.

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