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Recurring Branding Package 

You need consistency.
You want accountability.
You need regular help to stay current.
You want affordable custom imagery.
You want it to be easy and fun.

This is truly a partnership that lasts a year (or more.) With this package, over the first 12 months, we will build an organized and easily accessible library of photographs and videos to support branding and marketing for your business.  

I take the pressure off of you to constantly create content by providing a framework and a process to follow so that you have regular content to draw from. 

I contact you before each session to plan what is currently relevant for you.  We regularly assess your needs and then set about fulfilling your needs with each session.


I give you structure, experience, wisdom, focus, and accountability. So, you can relax and have fun while we easily create the visuals you need daily to promote and market what you love to do best. YOUR business. 

​What is included

Session 1:  

We get the ball rolling with the Jumpstart Package to create your initial library of 100+/- customized images. This gets your website and social media channels set up with the basics of what is currently missing or needs immediate updating. Then every two months, we meet to make new content for you.


This standard Visual Partner package is set up according to what most businesses need. What is included is customizable. So, if this package is not perfect, we can craft one that does fit you perfectly.  


Session 2, 3, 4:

(not necessarily in this order) 

After the initial Jump Start package, we make three simple 2-3 minute explainer videos for your website, YouTube channel, or social media.  

  • An About page or a Welcome page video  

  • The FAQ video or a client testimonial. 

  • A product and offerings explainer video.  


Session 5 & 6: 

These are image-building sessions. We learn from how your images perform what new images we need to create to add to your library. With my extensive background in photography (products, headshots, videos for social media, or custom imagery), I can help you with almost any type of imagery you need for these sessions. 

How to get started

  1. Click the link below.

  2. Share your contact info.

  3. You'll get an immediate email.

  4. We connect via phone or a Zoom meeting to see if we are a good fit.

  5. Set up the planning meeting.

  6. Schedule your first shoot.

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