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Sponsorship Information

Nominations closed

This branding photography sponsorship is for a business or nonprofit that needs photography to showcase its online presence.

Is this you?

  • You have an established business.

  • You use social media regularly.

  • You want better images.

  • You are too busy to make your images.

  • You feel overwhelmed by the thought of it all.

How I help you reach more clients.

  • I help to ease the burden of creating content.

  • We identify your visual needs.

  • We create a library of images unique to you.

  • We are partners to create content unique to you.

Less time on content creation

gives you more time to do what you love.

You may nominate yourself or someone you know who has an established business and could use a boost to elevate their online presence. ​

Further details are below.

Nominations open on June 15th and close on August 15th, 2022

Nominations closed


How to nominate

  • Tag the person or business you are nominating on any of Vonda K's social media posts that describe this sponsorship for them to understand why they are being nominated.

  • Click here to fill out the form: Nomination Form

  • We will contact your nominee directly for their permission to be considered.

  • Social Media Links may be found below.


  • Businesses and nonprofits that have an established business and social media presence.

  • Must be willing to participate and allow sharing of their images on the photographer's website and marketing.

  • Must be able to complete the shooting process before 11/15/2022.

  • Nominees must be within 1 hour of driving from downtown Dallas or willing to travel at their own expense to Dallas, TX for the shooting portion of this sponsorship.

Dates Sponsorship Awarded

  • Nominations open on June 15th, 2022,  and will close on August 15th, 2022 at 10 pm CT.

  • The winner will be announced on August 22nd, 2022, time TBD.

  • The winner must be able to complete the shoot before November 15th.


  • I had headshots made a couple of years ago, am I eligible? – Yes, if you have been a previous client, but not for branding sessions, you will be considered a "new" client and are eligible.

  • What does the winner receive? – A Simple Branding Package. The full details are described here: Simple Branding Package.

  • Why is this opportunity called a sponsorship? – I want to pay it forward to another small business, as an 'angel investor.' Think of it as a branding gift that keeps on giving.

  • Will you do this sponsorship again? TBD

Who can be nominated

  • This branding photography sponsorship is for a business or nonprofit that utilizes images for social media.

  • Entrants must have at least 500 followers on at least one platform.

  • Nominate yourself or someone else. 

  • Anyone may nominate more than one business.

  • One entry is allowed per business per person.

The Award

  • The recipient will be given time and branding expertise from me, Vonda Klimaszewski.

  • A Simple Branding Session to be completed at a time when mutually decided by both parties.

  • The recipient must be able to complete the shooting session before November 15th, 2022.

  • Packages are not transferable to a third party after being selected.

  • If the recipient cannot complete their session before November 15th, 2022, I will choose a new winner from the nominations initially submitted. 

How recipient is chosen

  • This sponsorship will be awarded to a business or non-profit I believe I can help the most with the gift of imagery.

  • Determination of the award recipient will be at the discretion of the photographer.

  • Consideration of level of need and likelihood to benefit from the gift of branding imagery will be a top priority

  • In the event the recipient is not able to complete their session before November 15th, 2022. I will select a new winner from the nominations previously submitted. 


  • This sponsorship is being offered by Vonda Klimaszewski Photography and is in no way affiliated with  Facebook or Instagram or LinkedIn. 

  • I am solely responsible for this content.

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Nominations closed

I am so pleased by the overall experience and photographs! You were a delight to work with and made the process easy and not at all intimidating; from the prep call to your personality on-site, you really put me at ease which made the photos better than they might have been otherwise!

Thank you. 

Susan M.

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