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Branding for a Comedy Troupe

📷 Pick a Visual Partner who can think beyond white backgrounds for branding photography to make your brand stand out.

🌈 See the variety of images of the Fort Worth Comedy Troupe, Four Day Weekend, for their recent website update at this link.

They had a specific set of photos they knew they wanted. So I made the shot list, we planned a date and we were ready to roll. That is not typical for a new client to know exactly what they want. This club has a strong sense of identity already established. I helped them bring it to life.

Most of of my clients don't know what they want when they come to me. So I created a photo inventory tool I use to help decide what they want and need to create. If you are struggling to know where to begin you can get my free tool to help you decide what you need first.

✨Ready for a brand photo revamp?✨ Book a call and let's start planning! Booking Calendar💬

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